Pearl Drum Kit 

(Mid 1990's Silver Sparkle)

14x22 Kick

12x9 Tom

13x9 Tom (not pictured)

16x16 Floor Tom

Ludwig Pioneer 5.5x14 Snare Drum

(1967 Blue Sparkle) -Super Fun to Play!!!

DW 5000 Kick Drum Pedal

DW 500 Hi-Hat Stand

Zildjian 20" Med Ride (Mid 1970's)

Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats

Roc N Soc Drum Stool

Extra Drum Hardware

2 Cymbal Stands, Snare/Tom Stand)

Stage 8'x10' (12" high)

PA System...

Mackie ProFX12 v.2 Mixer

Mackie Thump 1000 speakers (2)

Behringer F1220 floor monitors (2)


Shure SM57 (3)

EV 635a (2) (groovy lo-fi mic)

Shure SH55 (Elvis mic)

Mic stands (3)

Fender Twin Reverb  (1973)

2x12 100 watt tube amp

Pop Obscure Backline Page... Here is a list of equipment available to bands that are playing in our shop.

Fender Bassman 20 (1982)

1x15 20 watt tube amp

(good, solid amp for

electric/acoustic guitar...

no good for Bass)

Fender Rumble Bass 500

500 Watt, 2X10 Bass Amp