do bands play in your joint?   damn skippy! we have bands play all the time… from touring acts to local artists. some of the artists that have played our stage include mike watt, royal canoe, mike vallely, inger lorre (nymphs), egrets on ergot, la drones, saccharine trust and the pains of being pure at heart.
can i host an event at pop obscure?   maybe. shoot us an email or give us ring on the tele.
will you buy my record collection?   totally. either bring it to the shop or drop us a line and we can set up a time to come out and take a look.
i have a large collection, will you pick up my record collection from my house?   of course. usually sunday’s are a good day to come out to your joint.
do you buy cd’s or cassettes?   nope. well, not really. we only carry cd's & cassettes from local bands. other than that we’re a vinyl only operation.
do you have a listening station?   yep.
i'm looking to buy my first turntable or upgrade my hi-fi setup, what do you recommend?   we are not a dealer for turntables (yet), but we super dig onpPro-ject and u-turn orbit turntables. super good sound and build quality and you don’t have to steal from your little sister to be able to afford one.
can you fix my turntable?   you don’t want me messing with any electronic equipment, trust me on that one. hit up george meyer a/v in pasadena... I hear they are tiptop.
who makes your t-shirts?   we do. We (well, mainly sherry) design all of our logos and images for our t-shirts, totebags, stickers and other merch. t-shirts are silkscreened right here in the shop by dustin. we are always coming up with ideas so new shirts and whatnot could appear out of the blue at any moment.
are you currently hiring?   not at the moment, sorry.

whats the score with parking? other than metered street parking, click over there to see all the parking lots around us...

what are your store hours?   monday saturday 11:00 – 7:00  on sunday we’re closed, more than likely out riding motorcycles.
can I buy your records online?   we do list some of our more rare titles on Discogs